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The Quan Âm Foundation was launched in December 2011 following my travels to Vietnam where I found an unknown passion for helping those in need.


I have visited many children's homes (non-governmental orphanages), schools and families throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal. During my time volunteering I was moved by the homeless, orphaned and poverty stricken children I encountered. There are hundreds of thousands of abandoned children being cared for throughout Asia. Many of these children suffer from mental and physical disabilities caused by the effects of Agent Orange, extreme poverty and a lack of education.


Since launching Quan Âm, we have been able to provide support to thousands of children and completed over 100 projects ranging from setting up classrooms, providing new clothes, paying school fees, medical support, building greenhouses, providing clean water and donating food to sustain diets.


The name Quan Âm comes from the Vietnamese Goddess of Mercy. She is associated with compassion, kindness and the protector of children.


Please take your time looking through our activities and read about the incredible support I’ve been able to provide thanks to generous sponsors.  You can see full photo albums and more on our Facebook page!


Lucette x

Over the past 6 years Quan Am Foundation has visited orphanages, charity schools, remote villages and families to provide assistance to those in need. Check out all our activities or head to our Facebook page for all the photos!

To be able to provide support and keep children in school, we need amazing people like YOU to sponsor a child. Did you know that 100% of your sponsorship goes directly to the child and their family? Check out our waiting children

Click here for details on how to donate and for further information on how our funds are spent.

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