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Activities in 2012

Mai Am ANH Dao

July 2012 - Home to 60 orphans. The nun actually owns 3 buildings as well as an orchard for growing fruit and vegetables as an added food source.  I purchased large amounts of food and supplies as well as treats for the children, toys (dolls, puzzles, mobiles, books, games, bubbles and balloons), shoes, toothbrushes and two bags full of clothes donated from NZ. Khanh and family also brought large amounts of dried fish and squid which can be added to simple dishes of rice or noodles to add flavour. They also brought about 150 eggs which the kids love and provides them with variety and protein.

New Desks

July 2012 - We were asked to donate 15 new school desks to set up a classroom at the Loc Tho Charity School in Nha Trang. The class of 30 children officially thanked me outside before everyone helped unload their new desks from the truck.  We celebrated with balloons, lots of singing and smiling for the camera.  We had the desks made by a local carpenter and each desk seats two children.

During my month in Nha Trang I purchased a large amount of food and supplies for the 120 children and nuns living at the pagoda.

Christmas Joy

December 2012 - Children in orphanages have no belongings, and generally clothing and toys are shared amongst the other children. I felt it important for these kids to experience some Christmas fun like we do in NZ. So, one of our awesome volunteers dressed up as Santa, and went around to deliver a bag of goodies to over 500 children across 5 schools and orphanages.

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