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Activities in 2013


April 2013The nuns at Hoa Sen orphanage and school advised that they were after colouring books, English books and story books for their children.

We also purchased heaps of food (100kgs of rice, sugar and noodles), nappies and milk powder.  As well as a van full of treats, we also purchased new school desks to set up a classroom. The kids were overwhelmed with everything!


April 2013 - We took 60 children from Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage for a fun day out!  We started off with a dance competition, followed by a swim and lunch in the restaurant.  After a rest Hiep's son organised some hilarious games which we all took part in!  They included tug of war, balloon popping, searching for lollies in flour - all sorts!


April 2013 - Last year we were able to set up a new classroom at Loc Tho with 15 school desks.  The desks are made by a local carpenter which puts money back into the local economy.  They have a built-in bench and seat two children each.

Once again I was delighted we could set up a pre-school classroom at the Loc Tho Charity School. The children piled up onto the chairs to celebrate, sing songs, pray and thank Quan Am Foundation!


April 2013 - This school provides free education to over 65 local children. We donated enough fabric to make everyone a new school uniform. We also donated books, (chocolate!), toys and shoes.

Phu Quang

April 2013 - This orphanage is home to about 30 children, here we brought food, bags of toys and clothes from New Zealand.  The children were thrilled and 3 years later still treasure these gifts.

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